Romantic Atmosphere, Great Service and Ample Accommodations

Celebrate your next event at Pescaraz!

When you walk into Pescaraz Italian Restaurant, it's like stepping into old world Italy. It's not only perfect for date night, family dinners or a quick lunch on the weekdays, Pescaraz is the perfect place to hold your next party or event.

From Birthdays to Engagement Parties, Pescaraz Italian Restaurant has got you covered

With a family friendly atmosphere, experienced staff, romantic decor and (of course!) amazing Italian cuisine, Pescaraz is the perfect place to hold your next event. We have the accommodations and the staff to provide for a magical engagement party or the intimate atmosphere you want for your anniversary celebration.

No matter the occasion, allow us to host your next event. Call Pescaraz today to speak with our event coordinator.

March Music Lineup:

  • 2nd Yvonne 
  • 7th Mike 
  • 8th Yvonne 
  • 14th Yvonne 
  • 15th Mike 
  • 16th Tennesse 
  • 22nd Yvonne 
  • 23rd Mike 
  • 28th Yvonne 
  • 29th Tennesse

April Music Line Up:

  • 4th Yvonne 
  • 5th James
  • 6th Yvonne
  • 11th James
  • 12th Mike 
  • 13th Tennesse 
  • 18th Yvonne
  • 19th Mike 
  • 20th Tennesse
  • 25th Tennesse
  • 26th James
  • 27th Mike


May Music Lineup:

  • 2nd Yvonne 
  • 3rd Tennesse
  • 4th Mike
  • 9th James
  • 10th Tennesse
  • 11th Mike
  • 16th Eddie 
  • 17th Yvonne
  • 18th Mike
  • 23rd James
  • 30th Jmes 
  • 31st Yvonne
  • 1st Mike 

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