Pescaraz Italian Restuarant in Amarillo, TX
Pescaraz Italian Restuarant in Amarillo, TX
Pescaraz Italian Restuarant in Amarillo, TX

Satisfy Your Appetite With a True Taste of Italy

Enjoy authentic cuisine at Pescaraz Italian Restaurant in Amarillo, TX

Whether you're sick of doing the dishes or just tired of the usual dinner or lunch destination, you'll find scrumptious food and an old Italian atmosphere at Pescaraz Italian Restaurant in Amarillo. Locally owned and operated, we opened our doors with the goal to of becoming the go-to Italian restaurant in the area, and have since earned a reputation for serving delicious food.

Check out our extensive menu and then come to Pescaraz Italian Restaurant to find your new favorite dish.

Ditch your ho-hum dinner for delectable delicacies

Because we're dedicated to giving you some of the best food you'll ever taste, we only use fresh, wholesome ingredients. This commitment to quality food has made us the restaurant or choice for Amarillo residents searching for an authentic Italian experience.

Try our Tortellini for dinner or our Sustanza Stromboli for lunch - whatever dish you choose, you won't regret coming to Pescaraz Italian Restaurant in Amarillo. Once you sample our Italian dishes, you'll be able to taste the difference fresh ingredients make.

Pull up a chair and relax after work with a glass of wine or bring in your family for a delicious dinner in our fantastic dining locale. Make Pescaraz Italian Restaurant in Amarillo your go-to dinner spot.

Experience a night you'll never forget at Pescaraz Italian Restaurant

Not only do we serve up delectable food made with the freshest ingredients, we also host live music and events. Book our restaurant for your rehearsal dinner, birthday party, graduation or other celebration, or check out one of the bands on live music night. You'll have a night on the Amarillo town to remember when you dine at Pescaraz Italian Restaurant.

Take a look at our menu and then come on out to Pescaraz Italian Restaurant for an authentic experience you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere else. We're open Tuesday - Saturday, 11:00AM- 9:00PM, Sunday, 11:00AM-3:00PM, and closed Monday.

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